Archive: Jun 2011

Top 3 Tips for understanding Google+

  Google have recently launched it’s Google+ project. After a few failed attempts at creating social networking functionality, Google have unveiled some of the features of their new Google+ . Here are the Top 3 Tips for what you can expect from Google+. 1. +1 Feature: this much anticipated competitor to the Facebook ‘Like’ feature provides […]

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Top 3 Tips on Facebook Categories

When you start a Business Page on Facebook, choosing the right category and sub-category for your page is really important. This information dictates how your page is seen in search rankings and what information is available to your fans within your business page. Here are the top 3 tips for getting this right from the […]

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Top 3 Tips for a Business Blog that Works!

Starting a blog for your company or business can be a great adventure. It can provide a platform to launch your business into the online world as an industry expert. You could be the go to place for latest news, hot reviews, industry trends and an aggregator of the best information available. Sounds easy right? […]

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Top 3 Tips for Advanced Facebook Marketing

We’ve just listened to a great webinar with Lewis Howes and Brian Moran @get10000fans. They sure know their stuff! We use Facebook every day and this is great content. Here were the main take aways and the Top 3 Tips we got from this jam packed webinar. 1. Use @Tagging to acknowledge others in the […]

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Top 3 Tips for When to Post

Have you found a forumla that works on times of day to post? Do you know when you get the most interaction and engagement with your posts? This can be a tricky thing to figure out and it is largely dependant on your audience. This can be impacted by factors such as age, whether they […]

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