Archive: Feb 2012

How to find Coffee using Social Media in San Francisco (great story!)

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a bee in my bonnet about customer service. Good service is so hard to find! And so is good coffee if you are in America! Today I was blown away by great customer service and great coffee….both in San Francisco. I’ve been here for 2 days and after […]

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NEW Timeline for Business Pages: What You Need to Know

We’ve noticed lots of changes with Facebook coming and going this past week. There one minute, gone the next. The big change is inevitable……Timeline for Business Pages. There will be those who moan and groan about these changes and then there will be those who embrace them, get a jump on the competition and just […]

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Hashtag Hijacking: the McDonalds Rollercoaster

What do you do when you’ve crafted a well thought out social media campaign, designed the key messaging, decided on the desired outcome and wrapped it all up with a clever hashtag, and then your hashtag gets hijacked? Hashtags are designed to bring people together on Twitter around topics of interest. They help you filter […]

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