3 LinkedIn Company Profile Strategies

Get hands on with LinkedIn

Get hands on with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more than 147 million members who are all there for professional reasons. Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you have to be far more strategic to connect with people professionally, on LinkedIn it is why people are there. They expect to be contacted for business purposes. Many B2B businesses or companies are still not tapping into the power behind LinkedIn. Here are 5 quick tips that will increase your business profile and opportunities straight away.

1. Set up a Company profile

I don’t just mean have a page there. Actually fill out your products and services, make sure that your staff are connected to the profile page (hyperlink their position to the company page), add videos to your products and services listings and make use of the ‘special offer feature’.

Hyperlink position to LinkedIn company page

Hyperlink position to LinkedIn company page

There is also the option for banner adds – so make use of the free advertising space. You might want to highlight events or showcase your blog or other features of your business. Remember that you want to add value so that people remember you – not just scream loudly and hope they hear!

2. The Pied Piper

People get your company updates once they have followed your company profile. Encourage people to Follow your company by inserting the Follow button into email footers and on your website. Like the Facebook ‘Like’ box, people can follow your company directly from your website without actually having to go to LinkedIn.

Once they have followed your company their connections will see when they interact with your products and services and with your news feed. This is a great way to gain exposure to people just like your current customers.

3. Embed the Recommend Process

Just like receiving recommendations on personal profiles, LinkedIn allows people to recommend your products and services on your company page. Have a look at our page to see how this works. This is word of mouth at it’s best. Take note of the number of impressions and the percentage engagement. Your current customers tell their connections how much they like your product or service, just by leaving a recommendation.

Think about how you might ask for feedback from your current clients and then ensure that it is part of the process for all future clients. For example, at the end of our Social Media LIVE! workshop, we ask people to leave a recommendation on LinkedIn instead of filling out an evaluation form. You can see how it works here:

Recommend Social Media LIVE!

Recommendations for Social Media LIVE!

Coming soon to a LinlkedIn company profile near you.

There are some great features rolling out soon for LinkedIn company profiles. These will allow you to target your posts to geographic location, seniority of position, industry segments and other follower demographics This will ensure that your messages and posts are as targeted as possible. The new analytics features on company profiles are providing more and more data to help understand who is following you and what they may be seeking from your company.

There are many aspects to making LinkedIn work for your business. Get the basics right and the rest is much easier to implement. We will be providing more tips on LinkedIn in future blog posts. In the meantime, you may find Social Media LIVE! helpful to strategically use social media for your business.