5 Ways to Boost Your Brand using Pinterest

Find Us on Pinterest

Find Us on Pinterest

You may have heard of the two-year old Pinterest as a fun scrap-booking type site, but have you thought about how you can use Pinterest to effectively promote your brand? This little known platform is starting to make big waves, driving more traffic to retail sites than Google+.

Pinterest certainly is Pinteresting and proving to be a powerful online tool for brands who are seeking social media platforms that aren’t so crowded and filled with noise.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where users can post images, videos and links which are also often shared (‘pinned’ and ‘re-pinned’) via Pinterest on other social networking platforms. The users, approximately 70% of them female and mostly under the age of 45, post on their Pinterest page by grouping together items on ‘boards’ that they create, each featuring a topic of ideas that interest them such as their style in clothing or music, or ideas for a future project like a wedding or a home renovation. Other Pinterest members who have common interests can follow users or their individual boards, and these products or services found on the website are often items or ideas which are the most popular and further generate higher interest.

Start pinning!

Start pinning!

Using Pinterest as a Brand Platform 

Pinterest is different to Twitter or Facebook. A brand should use Pinterest to help evoke the essence of their products. For example, if you run a health and fitness website, you can promote items which will help to convey your brand such as easy at-home fitness tips, inspiring articles or healthy menu options. As with most social media, it is not good etiquette to use the platform only for self-promotion. Aim to share inspirational and engaging topics on your boards and make sure whatever you share has a great image attached.

Go Viral Through Pinterest Users

Create engaging images and content and your ‘pins’ will be re-pinned and shared across the web! Given ‘what others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself’ on social media, if your content is good, it will take on a life of its own.

Add the Pinterest ‘Follow Us‘ button onto your website and stay tuned for the ‘Pin it’ widget which will integrate your posts with Pinterest. Users can also post to Pinterest with the ‘Pin It’ button installed on their Bookmarks Bar or with their iPhone app by grabbing anything they like from the web. In addition, users can share and talk about their pins on Twitter and Facebook.

Get Creative

Being sure to keep Pinterest’s Terms of Service in mind, you can draw more customers to your brand by finding ways to interact with users.  Here are a few examples:

  • Spotlight a different Pinterest user regularly – maybe create a Favourite Fan Board?
  • Automatically generate a price for your product and add your pin to the gifts section to sell on Pinterest by simply adding ‘$’ to the description on your pin. Be sure to link to your product on your website so people can go and buy it!.
  • Hold a contest on your website via Pinterest by having users create and share on a board of their own about your brand, such as the creative ways they’ve used your products.
  • Have a staff board that shows your staff at work or even your Christmas party pics!
  • Show how your products work and ways your customers can use them through images or video. Make your pins informative and they will get shared!

Cast the Net

Inspiration is a key feature for users, as they discover new topics that others have pinned.  For example, if a user searches for a musician, then they may become introduced to several similar music artists that they’ve never heard of through pins made by other users with the same musical tastes.

Similarly if your brand is a resort, try adding topics to your boards like services nearby such as recreation, restaurants, tourism and other local attractions. When a user searches for services near your resort, your Pinterest profile will be connected to their search results.

Humanise Your Brand

Pinterest is a hugely effective at humanising and personalising your brand. It gives you the opportunity to share the story behind your business and put a face to the people in your business.

Some major brands already using Pinterest are:

Bergdorf Goodman


Whole Foods

Better Homes and Gardens

Martha Stewart

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Pinterest is still in invite only Beta. Haven’t got an invite yet? Send us an email and we’ll get you in!