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Facebook 360 Photos

Facebook 360 Photos Let You Capture Everything!

Recently Facebook announced the launch of Facebook 360 photos. Facebook 360 photos give people ‘the ability share more immersive views of their world’. It is a very cool functionality and one that can and will be used very creatively by brands! Facebook 360 allows users to capture a 360 degree view of where they are. […]

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New Layout for Facebook Business Pages

Has the new layout rolled out on your Facebook business page yet? It seems many pages in Australia got the new layout today. You can find out by going to your page on your desktop computer and if the change is available to you, you will see the notification pop up. You have a choice. […]

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Twitter Releases #FirstTweet Tool

Some social media tools are really useful and some are just fun. This falls into the fun or interesting category. Twitter has just released a new tool called First Tweet to celebrate their 8th Birthday. This cool little tool will show you the very first Tweet of any Twitter handle. Unfortunately for us, our first Tweet […]

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Too Busy to Blog? Try LinkedIn Publishing

We have a blog. Most businesses using social media successfully do. I will admit to sometimes taking a little break and not publishing content as often as we should. My latest reason (read excuse) is that I have just had a baby:) Today, LinkedIn turned on new functionality on my profile: called Publishing. This nifty […]

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Facebook’s Latest Changes for Business – August 2013

Off the back of a successful second quarter that surpassed all expectations, Facebook has announced some new features. Facebook’s never-ending journey to remain relevant to both users and marketers has seen many changes recently and some are quite significant. Here are some of the major changes: 1. Farewell to Edgerank Facebook has been based on an […]

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Facebook Changes: Graph Search and what it means for your business

Changes are afoot again at Facebook headquarters as they chase after a piece of the Google search pie! Let’s look at the changes and what they mean for your business social media strategy. After a few months of being quiet on the blogging front, we are re-starting in 2013 with renewed enthusiasm, bringing you the […]

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Facebook Features: Fancy functionality!

Since Facebook floated, the new releases of fancy functionality are arriving in a pretty steady way. We have read about some features and discovered some ourselves, but here is a run down of 5 features you might not yet know about! 1. Promoted Posts Expand their Reach Have you been using promoted posts? We love […]

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Facebook Function Frenzy

This article was originally published on www.nett.com.au How are you keeping up with all the Facebook changes? As a small business, getting your strategy right for social media takes some dedicated focus. Then, just when you think you have your social media set up and running, Facebook goes and changes the functionality! Whilst this can […]

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