Up to the Minute: Changes to Google Ranking Algorithm

Google Algorithm Changes

Freshness! Changes to Google Algorithm

It seems that the only thing constant in social media is change! On the official Google Blog today an announcement has been made that is critical for business to know and understand.

This change affects about 35% of searches and aims to give you the latest, ‘fresh’, up to the minute content that relates to your search term. In short, as a business, that means that you need to post current information that is up to date and fresh. Social media platforms such as blogs and YouTube in particular are the best places to have this content. If your blog is on your website, even better! If you post your videos from YouTube, into your blog, which is on your website…..5 stars!

What does this really mean?

Hot, hot, hot!
When someone goes to search for a current or trending topic (for example Qantas grounded), they will receive search results that have been posted most recently, maybe even just minutes ago.

Like Clockwork
When an event is a regular occurrence such as a public holiday or celebration that occurs every year, the algorithm will ensure that you see stories related to the current year, not 20 years ago.

Latest and greatest
Some products and services have updates or new editions or models. This will show the latest updates rather than first round releases. Think iPhone! If you search for iPhone you are going to want to see the latest version, not the first release.

What to do in your business?

1. If you are currently blogging once a week or less, try blogging more frequently

2. Blog about current events if they are relevant to your readers, subscribers and customers. This week we have blogged about the Melbourne Cup and the Qantas Social Media Crisis, both of which have seen increased traffic to our website. We didn’t do it for the sake of it though, both blogs were timely, relevant and useful to our readers (we hope!). One of our clients who is in the wedding industry blogged about football weddings around the time of the footy grand finals: relevant, timely and of interest to their readers.

3. Announce new features and changes in your business. When something changes or you have an exciting announcement, blog about it, YouTube it (just a short video announcement will suffice) and post it on social media. Make sure you use consistent keywords across all platforms and you will start to notice the increase in traffic and how it affects your Google search rankings.

Let us know what changes you make and how it affects your search rankings!