Facebook 360 Photos

Facebook 360 Photos Let You Capture Everything!
Facebook 360 Photos Let You Capture Everything!

Facebook 360 Photos Let You Capture Everything!

Recently Facebook announced the launch of Facebook 360 photos. Facebook 360 photos give people ‘the ability share more immersive views of their world’. It is a very cool functionality and one that can and will be used very creatively by brands!

Facebook 360 allows users to capture a 360 degree view of where they are. People viewing the photo through Facebook can look around the photo (side to side, behind and in front and from the ceiling to the floor) as thought they are standing where the person was, just by tilting their phone or using the mouse if on desktop.

The roll out is happening in stages, so not everyone has this functionality yet. Although it has been stated that you can take a panoramic photo on your phone and upload it, we found an app that made a much better end product. Here are the steps:

  1. Download Google Street View (available free on iOS and Android)
  2. Click the bottom right hand corner where you see the + symbol
  3. Take multiple photos in every direction. The app will give you an orange dot to focus your camera on. As soon as you are lined up it will snap the shot.
  4. Point phone at every orange dot you are prompted to snap. Remember up above and down below
  5. When you are finished, click the tick at the bottom.┬áIt can take a little while for the app to ‘stitch’ your photo together. Be patient!
  6. No one sees this unless you publish it. Once it is complete, it will save to your photo/image galleries. If you click publish, it will post it to Google Street View.
  7. Find the image in your gallery. It is under the Panoramic gallery on Android.
  8. Simply upload the image to Facebook and it will be converted to a 360 photo!

These photos are easy to identify as they have a compass image on the right hand side.

Here is an example of a Facebook 360 photo taken from the Space Station.


If you click on this post and the photo doesn’t move when you drag your mouse or tilt your phone, you may not have the functionality yet. Sit tight! It is rolling out quickly!

If you want to see lots of cool examples of people and brands using 360 photos and video click here. We would love to see yours! Feel free to upload them to our Facebook page!