Facebook Features: Fancy functionality!

More Facebook bells and whistles

More Facebook bells and whistles

Since Facebook floated, the new releases of fancy functionality are arriving in a pretty steady way. We have read about some features and discovered some ourselves, but here is a run down of 5 features you might not yet know about!

1. Promoted Posts Expand their Reach

Have you been using promoted posts? We love them…..and they work! Now Facebook allow you to not just promote your posts to your fans, but also to friends of fans. What better way

Promote your posts to friends of fans

Promote your posts to friends of fans

to build a business than to have your fans and customers lead you to your next best fan or customer. We have been testing this feature and are delighted with the results. For just $10 we were able to reach more than 15,000 people through our 2,100 fans.

2. Facebook Recommend Bar

This new feature allows you to install a plugin on your website that recommends other articles to your readers as they read your blog. The Facebook plugin for WordPress has a suite of functionality that shows readers of your blog, who is engaging with your content and how they are engaging. We encountered some issues installing on our website, so might need to wait for a couple of bugs to be ironed out first. This will add depth to user experience on your website and increase the length of time they stay on your site. So worth planning for this!

3. Targeted Posts

We are yet to see this feature on any of the many pages we manage for clients. So it probably hasn’t been rolled out to Australia yet, however, it is coming. It will only be available to pages with more than 100 fans. This feature allows you to target your posts by gender, age, location and marital status. When it is available on your page, you will see a little target icon in between the schedule clock and the location marker (bottom left hand corner).

Audience Suggestions

Audience Suggestions

4. Audience Suggestions – Add Your Place Topics

If you are set up with a location on Facebook then you should now see a highlighted section just above your ‘About’ section underneath your page profile picture. This new feature is paving the way for a far more advanced social search function in Facebook. This will allow your page to show up in search results on Facebook for your products and services, based on location. The Topics are pre-defined, so you need to search for ones that adequately describe your business. We should start to see far more refining on Facebook for increased search capacity. Can only be good for business!

5. Blackberry Catching Up

This week a new Facebook app has been released for Blackberry with improved navigation and functionality for events and birthdays. Will this be enough to help Blackberry survive?