Facebook Timeline Requires Radical Changes to How You Market

Say Yes! To the Changes on Facebook

Say Yes! To the Changes on Facebook

Over the Christmas break, whilst you were sipping margaritas and eating mince pies, we got in and really tested the new Facebook Timeline and discovered some shocking facts. What you are about to read turns most of what social media experts teach, on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool, on its head.

What has become very obvious is that how we (as businesses) market on Facebook has to radically change with the introduction of the new Timeline on Facebook and other recent changes.

1. Post more often

We have always said that posting once a day on Facebook is enough and ensures that you don’t spam your fans. This is no longer the case. With ‘Top Stories’ a thing of the past, Facebook Edgerank integrated stories that were most popular with those that are most recent. In short, this means that the shelf life of your carefully crafted post, is much much shorter. According to our favourite url shortening service, Bitly, your post has a half life of 3.2 hours. This means that the majority of interaction and engagement will happen in this time frame.

SO…..this means that you can post more often, to increase engagement on your page and access different segments of your audience. Check out your Facebook insights and see what time of day gets the best results. Now is the time to experiment……but remember, quality content will always outweigh quantity!

Post More Often

Post More Often

2. Post topical information

We have always taught that posting topical information is likely to get higher engagement from fans and followers. With the addition of Aggregated Stories on Facebook this is now even more important. When a major event happens or a holiday or celebration that many people will be posting about, Aggregated stories are created at the top of a users wall. If everyone else is talking about New Year’s Eve and you do too, your page post has more chance of being seen at the top of people’s walls.

It is always a good idea to post about topical issues or trending topics……however! Make sure that you tie it in and make it relevant to your audience. A great example: Our friends at Modern Wedding wanted to post on the football grand final weekend. What does that have to do with weddings I hear you ask? They posted a question asking brides if they were brave enough to hold their weddings on grand final weekend and asked for examples of weddings that included footy colours!

Photo courtesy of bobabramsonphoto.com

Photo courtesy of bobabramsonphoto.com







3. Engagement is More Important than Ever

Recent Activity

The new timeline has a box that highlights a users recent activity. Getting your fans to engage with you content is just as important as ever. It is now more prominently shown on their timeline rather than being buried in a wall of posts.


The Ticker on the right hand side of a users wall shows them content that is available in other places on Facebook, but in real time as it happens. It shows status updates, comments on friends updates, photos, video, interactions between people and brands as well as posts on business pages.

When a fan clicks Like on your page, comments on your posts or shares your content, it shows up in their friends ‘Ticker’. It does move pretty quickly (depending on the number of friends a person has), but it is another high profile place to be seen.

There is a statistic in your Page Insights that shows you how many people clicked ‘Like’ on your page through seeing you on their Timeline Ticker. Check it out to see if it’s working well for you page.


We have noticed some interesting abnormalities in the statistics for posts, particularly around the number of people reached and the number of people talking about. On some of the pages we manage these numbers are clearly wrong, with them being much lower than the actual number of comments and likes. Is anyone else having these issues?