Top 3 Tips for Fundraising on Facebook

Customised Donation Tab

Last week we spoke at the Corporate Social Media Summit 2011 in Sydney. After our 3 hour pre-conference workshop with a group of not-for-profits, there was 2 days of action packed conference content. There were speakers from NRMA, RedKite, Amex, TrueLocal, Greenpeace, GetUp! and many other corporates and not-for-profits doing social media well! At the conference we heard all about using Facebook Causes to raise significant funds and awareness for charities. Unfortunately Australian charities cannot currently accept donations through Facebook Causes and I promised to write a blog on how Australian charities can make sure they don’t miss out on the fundraising power of Facebook

Here are our top 3 tips for getting started and doing it on a budget:

1. With the new iFrames capability on Facebook you can have a donation form on one of your 8 customised tabs, that sits right within Facebook. This will require some development from your IT department or an external agency and in some cases your donation form on your website can be embedded right into Facebook. (we can help you with this!)

2. An easier solution that you can do straight away, yourself is to install an app. There are a number of great donation apps out there that use Paypal to process donations. We love AppBistro for free and low cost apps and have recently been trialling their Donation app. It is currently on sale for $6.99 and the app creates a customised donation tab that allows people to donate directly through Facebook using Paypal.

3. If you choose not to have your donations sitting in Facebook you can always have a tab with a donate button that takes them to your website. Research is showing that people prefer to do things within Facebook and are more likely to take action, however consumer confidence is also still pretty low when it comes to security and handing over money directly in Facebook. Over time people will feel more confident with this functionality so it is good to be prepared and ready to accept donations!

If we can be of any assistance to you or your charity, don’t hesitate to contact us and happy fundraising! Would love to hear your questions, challenges and successes!