Fundraising on Social Media

Fundraising on Social Media

Fundraising on Social Media

I recently ran two webinars for Connecting Up on Fundraising with Social Media. They were both sold out events, proving how popular this topic is for not-for-profits. Whilst I burst a few bubbles and myths about how ‘easy’ it is to raise large sums from social media, we covered many strategies to enhance donor relationships and lead people from social media engagement through to donation.

There were a number of questions asked that we didn’t get time to address and this blog aims to answer those questions.

Social Media Case Studies
Q: Can you please give us two samples of very successful not-for-profit social media campaigns with stats?

Everyone always wants a case study! I am always wary of showing case studies, because what works for one organisation may not (and mostly doesn’t) work for another. There is no quick strategy and there is no way to make your campaign ‘go viral’. Focus on using social media as an extension of your fundraising strategy/plan. The campaigns that work (and sometimes go viral) are those that are well planned, have solid plans in place to execute and deliver and are prepared for the response, whatever it may be. Only once that is in place does the technical know how matter. For those who still want the case studies, here are some that have been compiled by others:

How Charity water Leads the Way in Social Fundraising

11 Case Studies proving ROI on Social Media for Not for Profits 

3 Old School Not for Profits using Social Media

Policy and Procedures
Q: Can you guide us to where we may be able to get some policy/procedure?

There are some great examples of social media policies available online. Here is a blog we’ve written on the topic as well as links to some samples: 10 Questions You Must Ask when Developing a Social Media Policy

Best Practice
Q: Can you recommend any examples of Facebook and Twitter pages that use these best practice principles well?

There are some not-for-profits doing a great job following best practice guidelines on social media. Remember that it isn’t always about numbers and a smaller community of highly engaged fans can produce much greater results than a larger community with lower engagement.

Here are a couple we’ve noticed recently:

Cancer Council SA

Quest for Life Foundation

Leukaemia Foundation’s Worlds Greatest Shave

Fundraising and Twitter
Q: Really eager to hear examples of though for not-for-profits? Any sample at all? What were the Twitter campaigns that led to 14% making $1-$1000 – as mentioned on slide 1? 

You can find the full report here: http://www.nonprofitsocialnetworksurvey.com/

Apps and Platforms
For those of you looking for apps and platforms to support with fundraising, there are few available to Australian not-for-profits. Many have come and gone, with a variety of reasons for not succeeding.

I have just heard about a new platform launching in Australia called ‘ChipIn’. They are currently looking for not-for-profit projects to add to their site. What excites me about this platform is the social media integration. I am yet to see this type of platform available to not-for-profits in Australia, so I will be watching with anticipation to see the kind of results that not-for-profits can derive from it.

If you know of others, please share them in the comments. 

Peer to Peer Sharing on Facebook
Q: What are some prompt questions or comments you can use to get your Facebook friends to introduce you to new friends?

The best way to get your fans to introduce you to new people is to get them to engage with your content. Likes, comments and shares on Facebook creates a viral effect and that engagement is seen in Timelines, Tickers and News Feeds.

You could also have an app on Facebook that encourages people to share your page with others. Sometimes just asking people to do exactly what you want them to, is the most effective.

Facebook Publicity
Q: Are there some quick tips on how we get the word out about the fact that our organisation has a Facebook site?

When you first start a social media strategy and create profiles on any platforms, you want to get the word out as quickly as possible. Here are a couple of ways to integrate it into your organisation.

  • invite all your staff, volunteers, donors, suppliers (anyone who cares about what you do). These advocates will lead you to more people like them
  • include social media buttons that link to your profiles in your email signatures, website, e-newsletter and other marketing and communications.
  • add an online element to your volunteering recruitment, donor campaigns and other fundraising activities. See it as an extension of what you already do and you will get the most engaged users.

“My first webinar experience, and I must say it was a good one 🙂 Though our group is yet to set up a Facebook or Twitter account, I now feel confident in developing a program for it. Thanks!”

Thanks everyone for joining in!

Kate vanderVoort
Founder & CEO