Google+ Adds Some Funky Story Telling Features

Google+ Adds Features

Google+ Adds Features

Google+ this week has announced some new features that add a nice personal touch to Google+. Can you see how these may help you with your social marketing?

The two new features are:

1. Google+ Stories: if you give Google all your photos and videos from a holiday, they will turn it into a travelogue for you. It weaves together all of your pictures in chronological order and turns it into a moving photo album. A great way to remember those travel adventures. Click here for an example of one!

2. Google+ Movies: this feature creates a movie of your photos and video and takes care of all those fiddly details like transitions, effects and a soundtrack. Here is an example.

In order to get started you need to back up your photos and videos to Google+ and once there, Google goes to work automatically. Here’s how!

Have fun discovering the new features and let us know how you go. Maybe post you’re favourites in the comments!