Google+ Not Giving Up Without A Fight: The New Features Of Google+

Navigation Ribbon

New Navigation Ribbon

It’s common knowledge that Google+ is currently failing in dislodging Facebook from its lofty position on top of the social media ladder. When was the last time you went back? I have to admit, it has been a while for me.

While the company claimed in its official blog that there are more than 170 million people who have “upgraded to Google+”, they’re very secretive as to the exact number of people who are actually active on the site. Judging from the lack of activity on the social media site, it’s easy to see that the number is not anywhere near 170 million.

Google Rolls Out New Look for Google+

In an effort to make people continue using the site, Google has made several changes to Google+. In April the company announced new features that create a simpler, but more beautiful Google+.

In order to try anything to catch up, the company have made these changes:

A cleaner and more minimalist look

One of the selling points of Gmail, is its minimalistic appeal. The company aims to match its social media platform. The clean and simple look matches Google search. A good model to follow considering the fact that it is the most popular search engine. Will the same magic work for the social media site? We’ll have to wait and see.

Navigation ribbon

This is the first thing you’ll notice when you log in to the site. The navigation ribbon has moved to the left-hand side, giving a less cluttered appearance. You can also organise the order of these buttons, making the frequently-accessed buttons more accessible. You can do this by dragging the buttons up or down. If there’s a button that you don’t really use, you can ‘hide’ it by dragging it to the ‘More’ button. We like personalisation!

There are also buttons that provide more options like the ‘Photos’ button. Hover over it and you’ll be presented with additional options.

New profile page

The new profile page is easy to personalise with a simple click. Taking a page out of Facebook’s book, Google+ also has a cover photo option. But it looks like they one-upped Facebook on this one because you can upload up to 5 photos as your cover photo.

There’s More to Google+ Than Good, Minimalist Looks

Here are some of the updated features recently rolled out:

The ability to share bigger photos and videos

Share a video from YouTube and it will show prominently on your page (see video clip below). Photos show much larger now too. We all know people are more likely to share content when there is an attractive visual. These changes make sharing easier and more compelling.

Trending on Google+See the latest trends

Want to know what the world is talking about? Click on ‘Explore’ and see what’s trending in Google+. Great way to find good content to share and to stay on top of the latest trends.

More Changes to Come?

Google has hinted that this is not the last update we’ll see. It will be very interesting to see what they have in store next. For now, it’s time to enjoy these new features of Google+……or come back again in a few months? What will you do?

Want to save yourself reading the blog with all the great new features? Watch this clip instead: