Launch of Google+ Business Pages – Game Changer!

Google+ has finally announced the launch of Google Business Pages, after more than 40 million personal profiles have been created. News was it was coming in 2 weeks – but as I was typing this blog, I tried one last time and it went through.

Google+ Business Profile

Google+ Business Logo

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Top reasons why your business has to get in on the action:

Connect in Search: In order to allow for the +1 command, Google changed the code, taking the operand (+) out of their search queries. This has also paved the way for the + to be used in a different way within search…..and here’s the exciting bit! You will be able to connect with Google+ Business Pages directly from Google search by typing +Business Name. For example to get to Toyota you would enter +Toyota and it will take you directly to their business page.No in between steps for your customers to get distracted!

Customer Circles: Google+ business pages will allow you to put customers in specific circles. Think sales cycles in circles. This could prove to be a very powerful way to connect with customers at each stage of their decision making process. Some companies will use this really well and customer service through social media will take a giant leap forward!

Google Checkout

Integrated purchasing

Google Checkout: Google pretty much has it all in terms of functionality and apps for business. Google checkout will allow businesses and merchants to sell right within Google+. Unlike Facebook where the customer either goes through Paypal, off to the merchant website or merchants have to invest heavily in development costs, Google Checkout will create a seamless purchasing process.

Near Field Communications: with the introduction of mobile payments through near field communications already rolling out, it won’t be long before consumers can use their Google wallet by checking into your business location. This will no doubt be integrated with Google+ Business Pages also, making purchasing your product easier than ever before.

Social Media Return on Investment: Everyone talks about social media return on investment and the challenges (particularly for smaller business) to do this in a meaningful way. Google may just have the golden formula for making this easy and cost effective for all business to do. Imagine being able to track from when I clicked on an ad, to where I looked on your website, to when I visited your Google+ business page, to which questions I asked about your product and then the value of my purchase, all which was done from my mobile phone? Gold!

In short, if you have customers trying to find you on Google – this is one social media platform you’d be crazy to ignore.