LinkedIn Company Profile: The Low Hanging Fruit

LinkedIn Company Profile: the new look

LinkedIn Company Profile: the new look

This article was originally written for Nett Magazine.

So many businesses are fixated on Facebook (as some rightly should be) and yet they still don’t have a LinkedIn Company Page. They are missing out on a big opportunity.

LinkedIn launched its Company Page service last year and it now has a new look. This gives businesses and organisations the ability to create a page, highlight products and services, receive recommendations, connect with employees, post videos and updates and recruit new staff. It is one of the most under-utilised social media tools for business and it doesn’t require the time and resources required by platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is low hanging fruit for your business.

Here are five easy steps to get you started:

1.    Register your company page by visiting http://linkd.in/YuzZJv You will need a personal profile in order to do this and you need to use an email address that matches the domain of your company.

2.    Follow the prompts and complete all of the details about your company.

3.    Add a clear JPEG of your logo and a banner that will show on your Company Page.

4.    Create products and/or services that highlight what you have to offer. As you create these, think about the kind of things your customers come to you for and would be willing to recommend. Make sure you include appropriate keywords that will come up when people search and use consistent and appealing images (one per product or service). We recommend no more than four or five products or services. So if you have more, group them under themes.

5.    Once you have your whole profile established you want to do 2 key things:

a)    Encourage people to follow your company profile so that when you post updates, people see them. You can include your link in your email signatures, on your website and even on printed materials.

b)    Embed the recommendation process into your business. For example, when you get a glowing email or comment from a customer, give them the link to the product or service they are talking about and kindly ask them to leave a recommendation. Or, if you have an evaluation process or emails that go out after a service, give people the link to say something great about you. Make it easy for them.

Every business can benefit if they use this tool strategically. Need some help? Post your questions here or on Facebook!