Our New Name!

Our new logo

Our new logo

We have exciting news! 3 Degrees of Connection has changed its name. We are still the same company, same people and same great quality social media service. Our new name (drum roll please…..) is Social Mediology. That would make me the Chief Social Mediologist!

We know, it is a little bit whacky. But it better represents what we do and who we are. It says social media….and brings a touch of science to the equation. And we are social media scientists afterall. Researching, testing, prodding, poking….all in the name of finding the right cure for your social media challenges.

What does it mean I hear you ask? Social Mediology is the science of effectively leveraging online social technologies for business.

Can you believe that we have start our Facebook page again? We’d love you to click ‘Like’ on our new page to help us get started!