A New Year: How to Review Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Review

Social Media Review

Happy New Year!

Some of you, you will have had your social media strategy in place for a number of years now and have regularly reviewed, updated and tweaked the strategy to provide you with the business objectives you originally set. For others, you may have fallen in to social media or only started in the last 12 months and are still scrambling to figure out what it all means and whether it actually does make a difference to your business.

Either way, the start of a new year is the perfect time to review your strategy or approach to social media, make some conscious decisions about how you are going to further develop your strategy and set goals to measure against this time next year. It doesn’t need to be a challenging process and we’ve given you some simple steps to follow.

We’ve created a template for you to complete so that you can review again next year. Download the Social Media Strategy Review Template before you begin.

1. Document Data

What changes have happened since the last review period? It is important to track not only number of followers, fans, subscribers, visitors and connections that you have across your social media platforms, but also website traffic, email lists and of course sales.   For larger businesses this process should be done more regularly, however for small businesses, once or twice a year is enough.

Document figures from last period and where they are now (against your previous goals).

Documenting Data

Review the data

2. Ruthless Review

Review previous goals set and be honest as to whether you met those goals.

Ask yourself the following questions:
Was the goal realistic?
Given what we have learned since then, does the same goal apply?
Do we want to carry the goal over into this period?
If so, what strategies might I implement to ensure the goal is met next time?
Do the measurement metrics need to change?

Document which strategies you want to carry over into the next period. The strategies for implementation need to be documented in your strategic plan (again – may only be 1 page, does not need to be complicated).

3. Content Critique

Review your conversation or content calendar. If you want to do a thorough analysis look at the analytics of all your social media platforms and analyse which types of content were most well received (ie: had high engagement). Most find that content that just promotes or ‘sells’ a product or service gets low engagement. That doesn’t mean don’t do it, just be mindful of what gets high engagement and make sure that there is a variety of the two.

Document any content that should stay or go.

Content Critique

Put it all under the microscope

4. Update U

Now is the time to review all of your profiles and make sure that they are updated and current. Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? Do the pictures or backgrounds on your social media profiles need updating? Have you noticed what big brands do on social media? They keep the look and feel of their profiles updated and fresh. Maybe now is the time to shake it up a bit and give your social media profiles a make over.

Document any changes that need to be made.

5. Growth Goals

We all know that documenting specific and measurable goals makes a difference in whether we reach our targets or not. It isn’t my favourite thing to do, however I do like to look back and see whether we have achieved or in many cases exceeded the goals that we set both in our business and for clients. The key is to articulate the goal, document the success indicators (be specific!), decide on how it is to be measured and put a timeframe on it.

Document top 3 goals for the next measurement period.

6. Takeaway Tasks

It is all good and well to review and plan, but if it doesn’t translate into action, it is a waste of time. Make sure that the insights you’ve gained and the decisions you’ve made integrate into the rest of your business. Do you need to update your social media strategy (the answer is yes!), do you need to update your social media policy? Do you need to communicate changes to other staff in the business? Are there new techniques that you will try?

Document 3 – 5 things that you will do in the next 30 days.

Have you got any questions? Share your biggest insight from your review in the comments.

If it all feels a little overwhelming, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help!