The Psychology of Social Media for Business

Psychology of Social Media: Kate vanderVoort

Psychology of Social Media: Kate vanderVoort

Social Media requires a mindset that is different to traditional marketing principles.  Many businesses are doing social media, few are doing it well. There are some mindsets that are useful when approaching social media, particularly for small to medium sized business. Unless you have a large advertising budget that social media can ride on the coat tails of, then it requires a very strategic approach and these principles will help you make the most of your efforts.

I recently spoke at Short Takes on this very topic. Here is the video:

In summary, if you remember these key points you are heading in the right direction:

  • Give up some control for greater reach
  • What do your customers want from you, not just what you think they need
  • Separate personal and professional social media accounts
  • What others say about you is far more important than what you say about yourself
  • It is the quality of engagement and relationships tat matter in social media
  • Become a content curator. Aggregate the best content.
  • Respond to negative criticism publicly and don’t be defensive
  • Remember the power of words!

A big thanks to Hunting With Pixels for shooting and editing the video!