Quick Tips on the new Google+ for Business

Our Google+ Banner - still a work in progress
Our Google+ Banner – still a work in progress

Have you set up your Business Page on Google+ yet? We’ve built ours. Come and say hi!

Here are our early learnings and observations which might save you some time:

Secret settings
Secret settings

Secret Settings: Once you’ve created your business profile, it can be a bit difficult to locate settings again. Just go to your main Stream (by clicking on your page name in the top left hand corner). Then click Get Started. This will give you your page id, a button for your website and it is where the slightly tricky Google+ Direct Connect can be found.

Circle Control: You can only add people to Circles after they have added you. This means you can’t find clients, customers etc to add to Circles, so the emphasis has to be on promoting your Google+ page through your website and other online and offline materials. Just like integrating any other social media platform. Once a person removes your business from their Circle, they are automatically removed from your Circles. So be nice to them!

Editing Posts on Google+
Editing Posts on Google+

Posting particulars: we love that when you post a post you have a whole lot of options AFTER you have posted. This doesn’t happen on Twitter and Facebook. How many times have you had to delete and start again because of a pesky typo or you’ve changed your mind about what you wanted to say.

The Google+ flexability allows you to do the following:
* edit the post eg: typos or whole chunks
* link to the post – this will open just that post in a browser so that you can grab the link
from the address bar
* you can disable comment – think carefully about doing this – but in some cases it will
be helpful
* you can lock the post – which means that others can’t share it.
* and of course if you really don’t want to say what you just said at all….you can delete
the post.

+1ing: pages have a +1 button on them. When a person clicks +1 on your business profile, it shows up in their stream. It is like them giving your page a stamp of approval. This short video explains the +1 feature in more detail.

Make it easy for people!

Make it easy for people!

This may prove to be a little confusing for people. They may assume that once they have clicked +1 on your page that you will now show up in their stream (like clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook pages). This is not the case. People must add you to their circle in order for your content to show up for them.

You might need to clearly explain this to people on your site or your page. Pages can’t +1 other pages or +1 any other content on the web. This is a ‘person’ function only.

So, there are a couple of tips to help you out. If you’ve discovered anything else worth sharing, we’d love to hear about it. Have fun creating, connecting and circling and we’ll write more as we develop the strategies to make Google+ a powerful tool in your marketing kit.