Social Media Santa: Don’t drop the bauble on your Social Media this Christmas

Social Media Santa

Social Media Santa

The holidays are approaching and you’re probably looking forward to some down time and just switching off. Believe me….I understand….I can hear the beach calling. But Christmas is not the time to switch off your social media.

Social media isn’t something that you pick up and put down. It’s an ongoing commitment that shows your customers that you are consistent and that there is a face behind your brand. There will be people online during Christmas holidays who won’t normally see your posts and there is plenty to say and share on social media during such a festive time. It gives you the opportunity to put some good news in your posts, add value during the holiday season and connect with your fans and followers whilst their relaxed and enjoying the holidays.

Here are some tips to help you out, so that you have a merry Christmas too!

1. Start now! Don’t wait until the holidays are here before mentioning them. Use the next 4 weeks to build some hype and buzz about the holidays.

2. Normally we would say that pre-scheduling is not a good idea, but if it is either you go dark or you schedule, in this case, schedule. You can use a platform like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, so it posts to Twitter or Facebook. We recommend that you tailor the post to the platform – so use an image or link to embed in Facebook and keep your Tweets short and ‘Tweet (sorry – couldn’t help it!).

3. Consider a Christmas campaign. The obvious ones are 12 Days of Christmas (12 days of deals), 12 reindeer, Santa’s helpers, 3 wise men……I’m sure you can be more creative. Find a way to link your product or service to a clever themed campaign. You could give stuff away or ask for user generated content, the more engaging, the more people will share and the more your brand is seen.

4. Think about content that relates to your brand or business, but also fits with the festive season. If you are a baby supply shop, think Baby’s first Christmas (tips on how to make it special) or a gadget giftware shop, think music lists for Christmas or time saving tips or a wedding supplier, think about how a bride may feel at Christmas when the focus shifts from wedding planning! You will know what works for your customers and fans – just remember to add value and be generous. After all, it is the season for giving.

5. Make sure that you post topical posts on the major days such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. Post about trending topics and use the right keywords to ensure that your posts are top on newsfeeds and in trending topics.

6. Be generous! I’ve just written an article for a magazine on Random Acts of Kindness (called Brand’em Acts of Kindness). There are many low cost and easy ways that you can surprise and delight your fans and followers. What better time to do it than at Christmas? You might also consider donating to charity at this time of year. There are many people going without due to tough financial times. If you can make a difference, then do!

7. Have a calming influence. People are stressed out at this time of year. How can you use your social media platforms to add some peace and calm to the silly season. Be creative! Your customers will appreciate it!

8. Be human. Share pictures of your staff Christmas party or share staff plans for Christmas. This is a great time of year to showcase your staff and share what you love about them and what your customers probably love about them too!

9. Boxing Day Sales. Have you got a product/s that you can hold your own mini boxing day sale online and promote it through your social media platforms? Tap in to all the people who are at home avoiding the madness. You can promote this in the lead up to Boxing Day and put a 24 hour time limit on it to increase exclusivity. Encourage them to share with friends as part of the sales process.

10. Christmas Makeover. Think Google home page. What could you do on your social media profiles to give them a festive theme? You can change your Facebook picture, set the 5 images at the top of your Facebook page or give your blog a new look for December. Help people get in the mood.

What other ideas do you have for sharing content during the festive season? We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions.