Social Media Statistics: An Australian Context

Social Media Australian Context

Social Media in the Wild Wild West

Working in social media in Australia is like being in an outpost in the wild wild west. Most articles, blogs and statistics that you see come from the USA or sometimes the UK and there is little useful data to be found on what companies are doing in Australia. This is largely due to the fact that it is all still so new and often people are reluctant to share their results, particularly if they don’t compare to the stats coming in from around the world.

The reality is, that with the size of our population, few can do social media on the large scale that we see in the USA. What is worth looking at, is statistics on engagement and interaction. That way you can measure how you are doing compared to some of the bigger brands, not just on followers – but levels of engagement. Here are 3 great posts I’ve found recently that give you an Australian context.

Social Bakers – we’ve recently been testing this new analytics software and whilst we haven’t reached any conclusions, we love their reports on Australian social media statistics. What is really interesting about these figures is the engagement stats. Even those with the highest number of followers, tend to have engagement rates of less than 0.5%. Worth considering when you feel down about your apparent level of low engagement.

Country Report for August 2011 – Australia Source: 

This comprehensive report shows the Top 20 Most Engaging Facebook Pages, Most Followed Facebook Pages and Most Posted on Facebook Pages. Some interesting ones have made the list. BubbleOBill?

The Social Skinny – I love Cara from Social Skinny. She is very real in her approach to social media, drops the pretense that comes with self-proclaimed ‘experts’ and just happens to be responsible for one of Australia’s largest brands, social media. Cara also is very generous in sharing her experience and her findings. Her latest blog post explores Facebook statistics and best practice.

Australian brands on Facebook: statistics and best practice 

What are Australia’s top brands doing on Facebook, and what works best to get the highest levels of engagement? The answers you seek lie within this tasty article.

Social Media RevolutionI’m sure most of you have seen the Socialnomics video: Social Media Revolution (original) – and if you haven’t – you should! (here is the latest 2011 updated version). We recently stumbled across a take off of this, based on Australian statistics. Worth a watch!

Social Media Stats and Facts Australia

Know any other great Aussie stats? We’d love to hear about them!