Social Media as a Subtle Art; the psychology behind making it work

If your brand is in the centre

If your brand is in the centre - no one can see or hear each other

The psychology of social media and making social media work in your business, is a very subtle art.

This week I am speaking at Short Takes in Sydney on this very interesting topic and one that I keep bumping up against in businesses that I work with. Many businesses want to jump into social media but are not yet ready due to long held beliefs about marketing their brand and communicating their key marketing messages. I often have debates with marketing people about taking the brand out of the centre of a social media strategy and many are just not ready to let that go. It is completely understandable given many businesses have spent years building up their brand. Who I am to tell them to take their brand out of the middle of the social media strategy and instead focus on the relationship? BUT this is exactly what you need to do if you are going to have any level of success in your social strategy.

Some of this seems obvious. However I am still running into this all of the time, so have an open mind. Here are the reasons why you need to take your brand out of the middle of the conversation:

1. People (your potential customers) are on social platforms to be social

They are not there to be sold to or to have you shout your social media message at them. So meet your potential customers where they are at and be social, add value and relate to them.

2. Social is about sharing and engaging with interesting content

As engaging and interesting you might think your logo and brand is, most people who are not already customers are far less interested. Make your social media platforms about the purpose or cause behind your business. Why do people need you? Focus on that – not your brand.

3. If you brand is in the middle that is all people can see and hear

If you make everything about you and your brand then you miss the big opportunity that social media provides for your business. People only see and hear your brand and they miss out on seeing the story behind your business, the demonstration of how your products or services will make their life better and they won’t relate to each other.

So get out of the middle, share great quality content that your fans and followers will want to share with others and let your customers relate to your potential customers. There is no better sales tool!

Here’s the video about Short Takes on Thursday. Come along and hear from 3 of us on different aspects of social media in your business!