NEW Timeline for Business Pages: What You Need to Know

Thanks to Mashable.com for this mock up

Thanks to Mashable.com for this mock up

We’ve noticed lots of changes with Facebook coming and going this past week. There one minute, gone the next. The big change is inevitable……Timeline for Business Pages.

There will be those who moan and groan about these changes and then there will be those who embrace them, get a jump on the competition and just go out and make the most of it. Facebook won’t change it back because you complain, so you may as well jump on in and make the most of it. Here’s some of the great things about Timeline that will help your business:

Use the Timeline Real Estate Wisely

I always talk about ‘real estate’ in social media. This refers to the Facebook profile pic and customisable backgrounds for Twitter and YouTube. These are the spaces and places where you can tell your fans and followers more about your business in an engaging way. One of the greatest elements of the new Timeline is the cover photo. This gives you more uninterrupted space than ever before to promote your brand or the purpose behind your brand. Here are some clever ones!

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Tell the Story of Your Business

All businesses have a story and a history. Sharing this with your customers adds personality and humanity to your brand. This is what social media is all about. Timeline allows you to do that in a chronological and pictorial way. Use the milestones feature to create events and build the history of your business. Add photos that showcase the history of your company, it’s major achievements, product launches and milestones. Some businesses will really go to town with this feature and I look forward to seeing how they use it creatively to showcase their achievements.

Facebook Timeline Photo Prominence

Facebook Timeline Photo Prominence

Emotive Pictures Capture Attention

We all know by now that adding an image to your post on Facebook improves your EdgeRank and the likelihood of your content being seen. The display of pictures on the Timeline is far more appealing than it ever was on a wall. So even more reason to tell the story of your products and services in pictures!

Timeline Sticks Around

Unlike the current wall setup – where people are unlikely to scroll too far back in your future, the Timeline will enable fans to look at any given year or month in your Timeline history. You can off course go back and edit your timeline if there are issues that you don’t want remembered, but for the good times, this means people may revisit your content. Start thinking now about what it will look like in the future, so that when the switch does happen – you have some nice looking history!

Social Sharing Apps

The introduction of social sharing apps allows businesses to reach far and wide through Facebook. These apps show when a fan is doing a particular activity or engaging with a brand in some way. Rather than just ‘like’ a person may ‘Read’, ‘Eat’, ‘Drink’ or any number of other actions. You will need a developer to build this for you. It is worth considering if you have some high profile or high volume activity that promotes your brand as this really takes the viral word of mouth marketing to a whole new level.

Here is a great article by Mashable that has some mock ups of what Timeline for business pages might look like.

Sources say February 29th is the day…..so fasten your seatbelts. No need to panic though. As with the roll out of Timeline for profiles, developers got access first to iron outall the bugs and then there was an opt in time before the inevitable compulsory switch (which still hasn’t happened in Australia).

Are you looking forward to the switch?