Top 3 Essentials for your Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit

What is in your social media toolkit?

At Social Mediology our social media campaigns rely heavily on numerous resources, applications and a thorough understanding of the latest trends. We wanted to share some of the things we use, to help you get ahead and save you time in trawling and testing the myriad of options that are now available to support businesses to conduct social media campaigns.

Some applications and resources are free and others require small payment. We couldn’t limit this to just 3, so have given you three categories with a couple of tools in each. Add these to your social media toolkit to amplify the success of your campaigns and we’d love you to add more resources in the comments section if you have some that you have found useful!

1. White papers and Blogs: There are many companies who research social media results and share their findings to help inform those of us in smaller businesses about what works and current trends. Subscribing to these and reading their publications can save a lot of time trialling and testing. Why not learn from those who have gone before you? Some of our favourite informers are:

Hubspot provide a social marketing platform which is a paid service, but they also produce multiple articles, research findings and eBooks that can guide your social media efforts. Some recent favourites of ours have been 101 Marketing Quotes (great inspiration for posts) and How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day.

Social Media Examiner have a great blog with daily articles offering practical solutions such as 5 Small Business Tips for Social Media Success and How One Man Used Social Media to Raise $91,000 for Charity.

Alltop is like a magazine rack of all the top Blogs being written about any topic imaginable. Their home page has all the current hot topics and can provide great inspiration for what to write or post about. We check out Alltop to see what is popular and to explore or research new industries when we take on a new client. It tells us which Blogs are prominent in each industry or sector. Check out what others are writing about in your industry!

2. Applications and Plugins: You’ve all seen great applications that feature on business Facebook pages. Some look like big budget tools, when really, they are powered by one of the hundreds of free applications that are available to support your Facebook and blogging efforts. We use applications from:

Applications and Plugins

Are you creative with your plugins?

App Bistro have a database of free, paid and subscription Facebook apps. These range from donation and shop tabs to landing pages and competitions. This comprehensive directory is like a supermarket for applications. Check them out and see what might work for your business or charity.

Lunatic Studios provide premium WordPress plugins to support your WordPress blog. These include shopping solutions, auto posting from Amazon and Ebay and auto article poster. Most are available as a free version and then a premium option with a fee.

3. Industry Trends and Conversations: You can have the best content on the web, but if no one is engaging with it, it will rarely be seen. One way to increase your engagement is to actively seek out people who are talking about your products or searching for your services. We have found and tried a number of platforms that help you search for conversations, posts and threads about products, topics, brands and anything else you might want to monitor and engage with. These are some that we have found useful:

Omgili, stands for Oh My God I Love It! Quirky name, but it gets the job done. This platforms allows you to search for subjective information on consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions. Great way to find conversations to join in on or people looking for a solution that your product or service may provide.

Advance Twitter Search we’ve talked about this before, and deserves a mention again. This allows you to search for topics and products being tweeted about on Twitter right now! What we love about this tool is that you can search by location, so if your business is just in one country, state or city, you can narrow your search and find people talking about your products or seeking your solutions right now! You can even add in parameters which search for people asking questions rather than just commenting. We’ve found this tool to be very powerful in reaching out to people.

iGoogle is a dashboard that sits within your internet browser. We all have iGoogle set up with tending topics for Australia, so that we know what is being talked about and can post and write about appropriate and timely content. There are many widgets within iGoogle that stream live information, such as news, weather, hottest videos on YouTube and even your star signs! This might just be another way to make sure that your finger is on the pulse throughout the day.

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As I am writing this blog new tools keep coming to mind and I’m sure that you have plenty to recommend too! Please share them below and we’ll write another Blog in the not too distant future – to share some more hot tools for your tool kit. Now where are those tradesmen?

Be happy being social!

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