Top 3 Tips on Facebook Categories

Facebook Categories

It is the small details in Facebook, like categories that optimise your business page

When you start a Business Page on Facebook, choosing the right category and sub-category for your page is really important. This information dictates how your page is seen in search rankings and what information is available to your fans within your business page. Here are the top 3 tips for getting this right from the start. In the past this information could not be changed. Recently Facebook has opened this up, which means if you don’t have your category settings right at the moment – you can make these changes now.

1. Main Category: The main categories on Facebook for a business page are listed here. When choosing this main category the purpose of your page should drive the choice you make. Each category has different information available to your fans. The main difference between Local business or place and the other categories is that when people are searching for a product or service in a particular geographic location, business pages in this category will show up first. This is of great benefit to localised business – but also a mistake that some online businesses make when selecting their category. Only choose the Local business category if you are only interested in localised customers.

Local business or place – allows you to enter information such as opening hours, parking availability, price range and address.

Company, organisation or institution – allows you to include things such as when your company was founded, a description of the company and credibility information such as mission statement and awards. If your marketing is based on a service or your brand is very much about the company, not the product, then this is the right category for you (unless you are an independent consultant or small business in which case you want to check out the part below on Public Figure).

Brand or product – includes product launch date, information about and contact details. This is the option to choose if you are establishing a company or product brand with a national or global presence.

Artist, band or public figure – this option is great for individuals and consultants. You might consider branding yourself as a public figure instead of doing a standard business page. This gives you all the benefits of a business page, but with the personal touch of it being about you! Often people do this through a personal profile. Whilst that has it’s benefits it also limits you to 5,000 friends and restricts your use of Facebook to purely business. You don’t want your clients seeing your weekend activities and photos of your family and friends! The only thing you might need to overcome is feeling awkward about asking people to ‘Like’ you:)

2. Sub Category: the sub category you choose will also affect the information displayed. A sub category in Local Business may have different fields than the same sub category in Brand or Product. Now that you are allowed to change the categories and sub categories, you can go in and select different combinations and choose the one that is best for your business.

3. Keywords: as in most online endeavours, the keywords you choose in your profiles affect how you are found online. Make sure that teh descriptions within your categories are detailed and filled with the keywords that support your website, blog posts and all other online endeavours. When people search for products within Facebook – these keywords dictate whether your business shows up.

Got any questions about your business Fanpage? We are here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have! Happy connecting!

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