Top 3 Tips for a Business Blog that Works!

Business Blog Building

Starting a blog for your company or business can be a great adventure. It can provide a platform to launch your business into the online world as an industry expert. You could be the go to place for latest news, hot reviews, industry trends and an aggregator of the best information available. Sounds easy right? Not so fast. At the time of writing, according to Wikipedia, there are currently more than 156 Million Blogs in existence.

Creating a great blog that looks good and has great functionality is easy. Generating high quality content and therefore a high quality following, takes strategy and effort. Here are the Top 3 Tips you need to consider to make your business blog stand out from the rest.

1. Original Content – you have heard the term ‘Content is King’. Well there is nothing surer than that in the blogosphere. People don’t want to just see you regurgitate others thoughts, opinions and ideas. Your customers and fans want to know what you think. Where do you think your industry is going? What is your opinion on the latest development? How do your customers use your products. The blog is not about what you want to say – it is about what your readers want to read. Put yourself in their shoes and deliver them cutting edge, informative and useful information.

2. Soft Sell – this point ties into the point above. A blog is not about blatantly pushing your products or services. It is about adding value to your customers and clients and creating an online database of thoughts, ideas, tips, reviews, trends and information that address the issues that your customers face and you seek to solve. Be generous, help them find solutions and when they need your product or service, you will be the first they think of. By providing a service of valuable information you are showing your potential customers and clients that you care and are worth doing business with. You’ll notice we haven’t mentioned Social Mediology once in this blog (ok….once:)!

3. Keywords – this is the same principle as getting your website seen in search engines. You can have the greatest blog in the world and no-one may ever see it. Include keywords in your heading, first sentence or two and then 2 – 3 times throughout your articles. Make sure your categories reflect your keywords for your business and also your tags. You want your most important keywords at the beginning of titles, articles and tags.

Now that you understand the principles behind a business blog that builds business, there are all the technicalities like:

– how often will you post?
– who will do the writing? just one person or many?
– will it be hosted on your own website or separately?
– how will you respond to comments?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have……..just post them here. We’ll be writing more on this topic soon!