Top 3 Tips for Twitter Engagement

Tweeting at Conferences is a great way to get quality content and engagement!

If you are like me, you attend events, watch webinars, go to conferences and generally hang out with other people. If you aren’t like that – then maybe now is the time to spread your wings and get social.

We often get asked how to generate activity, comments, retweets, followers and just general action on Twitter. So we’ve put our brains together and come up with our top 3 social ways to engage with people on Twitter. We’ve been having a lot of fun lately trying these out – so would love to hear how you go with these tips!

1. Meet & Greet: as you meet interesting people in your business, Tweet about it. Don’t share what you had at your long boozy lunch, but share an insight or a snippet of something interesting they shared with you, that would be relevant to your target market. If you mention their Twitter handle in your Tweet – their followers see it too. This gives your business exposure to a whole new network of people who have chosen to follow your colleague.

2. Webinar Wisdom – there are hundreds of free webinars on every day and it is likely that there are some being done on your industry. Take an hour with a cuppa to listen and learn. Tweet what you are hearing, tag the person presenting in your Tweets and follow the #hashtag of the webinar to connect with others who are interested in the same content. This is a great way to build a following, connect with experts and leaders in your field and to learn all at the same time. Your followers will also appreciate your Tweets with the latest and greatest information from your industry.

3. Conference Conversations – if you are like us, you go to a conference, listen to the speakers, take notes that you rarely look at again and then get back to work and lose the buzz. Tweeting at a conference is a great way to connect with other delegates, contribute to dialogue that expands on the content covered and keep a record of all the best bits you gleaned from experts in your field. This is another great way to build a following and to make the conference content dynamic, engaging and expansive beyond the four walls of the venue. If they use a #hashtag at the conference, go in and follow all the other people contributing to the conversation.

So get out there and Tweet. You will see a different kind of buzz happening in your Twitterverse and your following will increase rapidly. Remember to always give more than you get and approach this with the intention of adding value to your followers, clients and customers. They’ll love you for it!


NOTE: Social Media at your conference: If you are looking for a strategy for social media at your conference, Social Mediology provide this service in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. We come to your conference, set up the engagement – inspire your delegates to Tweet and post and reward them for it too! This is an innovative way to engage your participants, connect them with each other and take the impact of your conference well beyond the walls of the venue. Use your conference as an opportunity to tap into your speakers and sponsors social media networks and explode your brand recognition. Contact us today to discuss your conference success!