Top 3 Tips for When to Post

Watch the clock: When to post?

Have you found a forumla that works on times of day to post? Do you know when you get the most interaction and engagement with your posts? This can be a tricky thing to figure out and it is largely dependant on your audience. This can be impacted by factors such as age, whether they are students or at work, whether your posts are aimed at consumers or business, whether you are based in a particular location or international and other qualities that differentiate your target group. Research has been done recently highlighting the best times of the day to post and the factors that impact these decisions.

Test these findings out and let us know what works best for you:

1. Sit out Saturdays: there is an 18% decrease in engagement with posts on Saturdays. This is probably because people are out enjoying the weekend rather than sitting at home on their computers. People may be posting about their own activities, but engaging less with business pages.

2. Engagement at End of week is higher than earlier in the week. In fact Thursdays and Fridays get 18% increase in engagement over Monday to Wednesdays. Towards the end of the week people are looking for a break and starting to think about their weekends, so it is natural they would log on to social media sites to connect with others doing the same. Make sure your business posts are there and relevant to people in that frame of mind!

3. Evening engagement is higher than during work hours, by 20%.  This should please employers! If you have a consumer brand and you are wanting them to engage through your social media channels or better still, buy your product, then later in the day makes sense. If you post early, then by the time they are on social media, your post is sitting at the bottom of the pile. For those targeting businesses with social media, this is a little more of a challenge. If you post later in the day, make sure that it is appealing content for people who may have left the office also.

There was one other interesting finding in the research that we just had to share: there is a 27% increase on engagement with posts that are 80 characters or less in length. This would be why facts, tips, quotes and one liners rank highest when it comes to consumers taking action.

Test what works for your market – and let us know how you go!