Top 3 Tips from Facebook Fan webinar

Get thousands of fans!

Get thousands of fans!

Just finished listening to a great webinar with Robert Grant and Nick Peall titled: How to Build Your Fan Page List To 100k : Case Study

Given we are in Australia, these webinars are often at an inconvenient time. The content on this was great, so wanted to share the key learnings we got, so you don’t miss out!

1. Facebook ‘Likes’ are the new opt in: When a Facebook Fan clicks ‘Like’ they are opting in to receive your information on their newsfeed. The difference between this and traditional email marketing is that you have multiple methods for contacting your fans. You can still collect email addresses using a simple app in Facebook, if that is important to you. Delivery time for Facebook is instant and your fans friends see their interaction with your page, unlike email. The best part is, Facebook Fan pages grow themselves (if done well), whilst email lists degrade over time.

2. It’s about Conversation not Conversion: Unlike traditional internet marketing where you broadcast and wait for conversions, Facebook is not just about one way communication for you to sell your products or services. Engage your audiences and offer conversations that go both ways. Social media is about making connections, earning trust and creating relationships.

3. Use Facebook advertising: Facebook advertising is a fast track way to build your Facebook fans and increase interaction on your page. Use a question and a call to action. For example: Do you like social media? Click ‘Like’ then visit our page.

There a few great tips on creating Facebook ads – here is a quick list:

  • Fill the entire image section with solid colour and make it a warm colour! (eg: orange, red, yellow). This will contrast with the colours of Facebook and make your add stand out.
  • Make sure you use a human face – they get better click through ratios.
  • Laser targeting – only use one country at a time and only use one interest at a time. If you put multiple countries and interests in your ad the averages will damage the performance of your ad. That is the countries that are poor performing will bring down the stats for those that are doing well. Do multiple ads for the different countries and Like interest. Then you can track your performance and figure out where to spend your budget. This is a bit tricky in Australia due to our small population. So you may need to be a bit flexible on this to ensure that your reach is worth your efforts.

If you want to learn about all this and much more you might like to attend one of our Social Media LIVE! workshops. It is 4 hours of interactive content to kick start your social media strategy for your business or charity.