Top 3 Tips for understanding Google+


Google+ Features

Google+ Features

Google have recently launched it’s Google+ project. After a few failed attempts at creating social networking functionality, Google have unveiled some of the features of their new Google+ . Here are the Top 3 Tips for what you can expect from Google+.

1. +1 Feature: this much anticipated competitor to the Facebook ‘Like’ feature provides users with a much more personalised experience. This allows users to +1 web searches, products and pages on the internet and sharing their ‘endorsement’ with friends. As you search the web, you will see where your friends have gone before you. Given that people care more about what their friends say about a brand, than what a brand says about themselves, this third party endorsement has major implications for business. If 10 people have +1’ed your product a person is much more likely to buy yours over another brand with no endorsement. Check out this video on the +1 feature.

Introducing Google +1

2. +Circles: Unlike Facebook where you share with everyone in your network, Google’s new social network has +Circles – allowing you to share with specific people within your networks based on your choices. This feature is a major plus for Google. I don’t have anything much to hide, but I do screen what I say on Facebook based on the fact that my ‘Friends’ include family, friends, work colleagues and clients. Being able to share information, photos and videos with tailored groups within my friends will certainly change what I share. As Google says “Circles make it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another and your boss in a circle by himself – just like real life.”

3. +Sparks: with this feature Google keeps track of where you go and what you visit on the web and then provides you with articles, videos and photos you may like. This has potential for businesses to track what is happening in their industry, with their competitors and their customers in an easy and integrated way as they surf the web.

A few other features include +Hangouts (where you can video chat with one or many in your circles), +Photos (with instant upload, making sharing your high resolution images so much easier) and +Huddle (allowing for group discussions and decisions on the fly).

One of the biggest wins for Google will be the integration with other platforms they already have such as Google Docs. This may just help them forge ahead in leaps and bounds with new integrated functionality that other social networks are yet to include.

Google+ is currently in a limited trial and all beta licenses have been distributed. You can take a demo tour and you can register to be notified as soon as they launch.

Take the Demo tour here.

Let us know what you think about Google+. Fantastic or another Google fail?