13 Tips for Integrating Social Media into your Business

Social Media Integration

Don't be a chameleon - get followed!

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t work in social media. The best platforms with funky designs and apps won’t build a following on their own.

Social media needs to be integrated into all aspects of your business, online and offline. The more innovative you get – the more followers you’ll attract and the more value you will add.

Here is a checklist of 13 things you can do to integrate social media:

  1. Include social media links into the email footer of all staff – you can even use great looking icons to make it more visually appealing. Here are some free icon sets to get you started!
  2. Include social media buttons on your website and make sure they can be seen on all pages rather than just the home page.
  3. Place a ‘Like’ box on your website rather than just the icon – this way people can ‘Like’ your Facebook page right within your website.
  4. Integrating a ‘Like’ button onto pages with content you want shared, will make it easy for people to share your content.
  5. Put social media links on your business cards so people can look you up easily.
  6. Cross promote various platforms by linking accounts. For example you can show your Twitter feed on Facebook by installing a simple app.
  7. Include Share functionality after specific action is taken. For example when someone registers for an event, include a pop up box that encourages them to share their attendance on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed.
  8. Do you sell online? Include your social media links in the email receipts. You could even include a link to a demo video on how to use your product on YouTube.
  9. Print your social media urls onto printed marketing material.
  10. Use QR codes on printed materials and link straight to your accounts for easy following. This is a great thing to do at events – so people can scan and ‘Like’ in 2 easy steps.
  11. If you have a physical location, encourage people to check in on Foursquare and give them a special deal on a product.
  12. Add social media buttons to your e-Newsletter. Capture people while their engaging with your great content.
  13. Include your blog posts in your newsletter and post links on all other platforms so people can find and share your ideas.

There are many ways to integrate social media into your business. We’d love to hear how you’ve done it. Share your tips below.



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