Twitter Releases #FirstTweet Tool

Twitter's #FirstTweet

Twitter’s #FirstTweet

Some social media tools are really useful and some are just fun. This falls into the fun or interesting category. Twitter has just released a new tool called First Tweet to celebrate their 8th Birthday. This cool little tool will show you the very first Tweet of any Twitter handle.

Unfortunately for us, our first Tweet was a post from Facebook in 2009 (before knowing this was poor practice!) and since then, we have changed our company name and had to start a new page (due to Facebook’s then policy of not being able to change page names!) We have since merged the two Facebook pages, but that link is no longer working. So…..we thought we’d take a look at the first Tweet of some of the companies and people we follow! If people thought that their first Tweet would ever be reviewed, they may have been a little more creative! The comedians win hands down:)

Social Media and Internet

@Twitter ~ obviously never thought anyone would go back and view THEIR first tweet!

@Google ~ are there only computer geeks on Twitter? This is binary code and for those that are not fluent in it, it means “I’m Feeling Lucky” 

@Facebook ~ no introduction here


@BarackObama ~ history in the making

@MrKRudd ~ Kevin07 didn’t start Tweeting until ’08 and played it pretty safe.

@JuliaGillard ~ Julia joined in 2010. Do you think she mastered it?

@TonyAbbottMHR ~ Just assumed he had all our support!

Talk Shows

@TheEllenShow ~ very Ellen

@Oprah ~ feeling 21st Century!

@RickiLake ~ the honest approach



@KateLanbroek ~ all aboard!

@DHughsey ~ our favourite


@Virgin ~ refers to another Twitter handle, that refers back to this one. Dizzy yet?

@Virgindotcom ~ see above

@McDonalds ~ watch this space

@Coca-Cola ~ Nothing original?

Do you remember your first Tweet? What was it?