Why Use Video in Your Business?

Social Mediology Video

Social Mediology Video

According to our friends at Hunting with Pixels, here’s why you need to use video in your business or charity:

  • Google LOVES video!
  • Sites with video have an increased 45% – 75% conversion in sales
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google

So we’ve jumped on board and produced our first video. Tell us what you think!

If you’re still not convinced about using video in your business, here are some more great facts and stats:

Some Facts about Videos from Buzzom:

  •  Did you know that adding video to your website makes your site SIX times more likely to convert a “browser” into a paying customer? This was the result of a recent study by Forrester Research.
  • The same study showed that only TWENTY percent of web visitors will sit and read the majority of the text on a website, but EIGHTY percent will sit and watch the same content when presented in the form of a video.
  • A company web site is also FIFTY times more likely to be ranked on the front page of Google if it contains video.
  • Online video is becoming a must for any business with a serious online presence. According to an estimate, by 2012 if a website doesn’t contain video content it won’t feature on Google’s first page of search results. Video is an incredibly powerful medium that can engage the viewer in a far more memorable and effective way than text or images alone. As pointed out by Franklyn, statistics back up the fact that users will spend longer on pages that contain online video versus those that don’t.
  •  According to Comscore, retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on a site on average and are 64 per cent more likely to purchase than other visitors.

Our next step….get it up on our website! Do you use video in your business? Tell us if it’s been successful!