Top 3 Tips for What’s Coming with Facebook

“Listen without fear. Have big ears!”

This week the team at Social Mediology headed into The Ivy in Sydney to hear Paul Borrud (head of Facebook in Australia & NZ). He shared many mind blowing statistics of how the world is using Facebook, gave away an iPad and iPhone 4 and then got down to the business of looking at the next developments underway for Facebook. There is some great news in here for small business and charities and some great potential for combined efforts between the two!

So here are the top 3 things we took away from the night:

1. Facebook Deals are coming. We have seen an explosion of coupons sites in Sydney over the last 12 months and the founder of Spreets just sold for $40 million – the coupon craze has certainly taken hold. Early in Q2 Facebook will be launching in on the action with new deals functionality. This will allow business’ to have deal available for anyone that checks in through Facebook. The potential for this is unlimited. You can give people coupons for their visit to your location, give them discounts on their purchase and even provide group discounts if a group checks in together.

2. Facebook and charities – Facebook may finally be catching up to other large online services such as Google, by offering free or discounted advertising space for charities.  As a charity in Australia right now you have to be pretty creative to use Facebook to actually raise funds and some are doing it really well. Australian charities cannot receive donations through Causes, like our American counterparts. We will share more creative ways to use Facebook for fundraising in future blogs.

3. Peace on Facebook – this great initiative from Facebook shows friend connections created each day between people of different countries, religions and political affiliations. For example, you can see that in the past 24 hours there have been 17,639 new friend connections between Israel and Palestine. What a fantastic way to show what is going right in the world! Check out Peace on Facebook!

Finally, our favourite quote of the evening was “Listen without fear. Have big ears!” This is the true essence of social media and those that do this will, succeed.