Social Media Bootcamp

This 6 week social media Bootcamp will give you all the knowledge and tools you will need to make social media successful for your business. The Bootcamp can be run in webinar format or face to face, for organisations (your staff or members) or individual businesses. See below for current dates.

This dynamic and interactive session format allows you to learn and develop skills ranging from social media strategy to strategic implementation across all social media platforms. We cover topics such as reputation management, customer service, content creation, social media strategy and policy, individual platforms and the tools you need to make it time and cost effective. Each Bootcamp is tailored to the group participating to ensure maximum value.

The next social media Bootcamps scheduled are:

ConnectingUp Social Media Bootcamp (Webinar)
Dates:                         Wednesdays 5th Oct – 9th Nov
Curriculum:              Click here for full course outline

Samford Social Media Bootcamp for Business (Face to face)
Dates:                         On demand
Curriculum:              Click here for details and full course outline


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