Your Business Story – Easy steps to Create a Facebook Video

Facebook video for business

Create a Facebook video for your business.

Facebook’s new ‘Your Business Story’ is a great new feature that makes it super simple to create a short video to promote your business. It is a very simple process.

First you choose 8 images that have been shared on your Facebook page. You then have the option to rearrange them in the order that tells the best story for your business or organisation.

Next you ‘Tell Your Story’. This is basically your business mission or purpose. It is simple as completing this sentence: “We’re in the business of….’

Lastly you can choose from 4 different music tracks that play in the background of you little video.

Handy tip: You might like to create 8 square images in Canva and then upload them to an album in Facebook.

  1. Go to your photos section on your business page
  2. Click ‘Add Photos’
  3. Upload all 8 images
  4. Check the box that says ‘Hide From Newsfeed’
  5. Name the album
  6. When you select the photos when creating Your Business Story – just select that album and all 8 images in there

And that is how you create your very own Business Story.


Once your video has been uploaded to your Facebook page, click on ‘Edit’ in the top right hand corner (drop down menu) of the post. Here you can change the title, add video tags, add a call to action button and a link to your website.

Here is the one we created for Social Mediology. We would love to see yours once you’re done!

My business storyHave you created Your Business Story on Facebook yet? Here is ours as well as some simple instructions and tips on making yours great! …….because……… We’re in the business of making social successful for your business! http://bit.ly/yourbusinessstory

Posted by Social Mediology on Wednesday, 2 March 2016