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At Social Mediology

we empower your team with with the latest Generative AI

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Support your staff to use generative AI across every task, role and department.

At Social Mediology, we empower business teams, not-for-profits, and membership bodies to confidently navigate the AI and social media marketing landscape.

Our customised training and 'done with you' consulting help you harness the latest AI innovations while maintaining data privacy and security. We focus on practical strategies that deliver measurable outcomes, from enhancing customer engagement to streamlining daily operations.

Our expert-led programs are designed to meet your unique challenges and goals, fostering a human-centered approach. This focus ensures you lead in ethical AI and social media marketing practices, achieving tangible results in business performance and community impact.


Join us to transform your business productivity with confidence and integrity.

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Our three step process



Conduct a strategic audit of your business across every task, role and department to identify the areas where generative AI will make the most impact. 



Develop an inclusive and comprehensive strategy to ensure the integration and implementation of generative AI 



Educate and empower your staff and teams to use generative AI securely and strategically. 

Our services include:

We're here to give you the support you need to grow and activate a powerful customer community that supports your business.

Let's Get Started!


AI Success Strategy

This project is in progress.

Stay tuned!



Right Service For You

If you know what you need, take a look at our coaching programs, customised workshops,  Masterclasses, Bootcamps, Done With You Services and other resources to discover the right fit for your business.



20 Minute Call

Sometimes you don't know exactly what kind of help you need. Do you want coaching so you can do it yourself? Need help to get the strategy in place? Or maybe you need extra skills to work along side your business?

Join our AI Social Media Success Community....

If you are looking to connect with other businesses learning how to best grow and activate customer communities on social media, join our FREE AI Social Media Success Community on Facebook. We share breaking social media news, hints, tips, strategies, run fun challenges and more!

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What Clients Have To Say
Portfolio of clients include

Click here to see a selection of our past and present happy customers.

Success Stories


Of the many groups and communities initiated, Lendlease needed to consolidate its message into one singular, united voice that was consistent, strategic and easy to implement.



Working across a range of platforms, Epilepsy Qld wanted to leverage the true power of Facebook to turn what felt like 1-way communications to posts that increased engagement and a more aware community.



Mel, owner of Your Photographer wanted to promote different services within her business. She needed a framework and strategy so she could delegate to her team to execute (without trial and error)

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The AI Grapple

Unravel the complexities of AI with The AI Grapple Podcast, hosted by Kate vanderVoort. Dive into thought-provoking discussions on the most critical AI issues shaping our world. Perfect for marketers and business professionals, this podcast is your guide to integrating AI responsibly and ethically into your organisation. Join us as we navigate the future of technology and its profound impact on humanity.

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