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Social Mediology is a boutique consulting firm specialising in social media marketing, coaching and training. Using the latest connection strategies, we connect you to your ideal customer through social media. We specialise in building thriving communities (or teaching you how to) that support your customers and actively enhance your overall business strategy.

Our social media specialists understand the needs of business, social enterprise and the not-for-profit sector, across many industries.

Social Mediology builds social media strategy, tailored to your organisation, including development, implementation and results reporting. We work with Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Services include strategy development, crisis planning, social media policy, implementation, coaching, in-house training and workshops.

We take the time to embed these skills within your business to ensure the greatest results.

We also do community management with select clients, who are genuinely interested in building community on social media. We have a team of amazing contractors who work with us. This allows us to remain agile and to match clients with the perfect community manager for their clients and customers. 

Sally Henderson

Social Media Specialist
and Customer Support

Kate vanderVoort

Founder and CEO
of Social Mediology & Take10 Social
Kate is passionate about building powerful customer service communities on social media that connect people to the services, products and causes they care about.

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Our Clients Past & Present

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