Episode 47 ~ You Can't Outsource Human Connections ~ Worldwide Angler


In this episode of the Social Lights Podcast, podcast host and Social Mediology founder Kate vanderVoort chats with Brandon C White who is an entrepreneur and author and is the Founder and CEO of the number-one social networking and e-commerce site for sport fisherman on the internet.

About Brandon

Brandon C. White is an entrepreneur with two exists (so far), angel investor, former venture capitalist, and worked in Marketing at a $200b internet company (AOL). Brandon started his professional career in technology as a pioneer on the Internet in 1996 as the Founder/CEO of Worldwide Angler, Inc. Worldwide Angler was recognized the number-one social networking and e-commerce site for sport fisherman on the internet.


Brandon bought the company back from the investors and led it to a successful exit to a large media company. He’s the editor of Build a Business Success Secrets print newsletter and host of accompanying podcast.

Both are inner playbooks on how to master your mind, care for your body and build a successful business. The formula to make you smarter, happier and richer.

Brandon lives in Half Moon Bay, CA and enjoys road biking, surfing, fly fishing and going fast.


“People, product, market, and financing.” (11:36)

Brandon describes his chance meeting with the first investor for his newly created business. He tells us how stressed he was and how daunting the idea of showing off his, at the time, very small company. The key components of their business plan were discussed, people, product, market, and financing. After this discussion and a bit of fishing, Brandon received a cheque for $50,000 which was how he started the online fishing and community site which would later go on to raise millions of dollars.


“You can't outsource human connections” (24:37)

Brandon believes there are some things that you just cannot delegate. Nothing has changed from the early days, it is just that we have better technology, that is easier and faster. However, if you want to build a community, you really must have those personal connections.


“Don't own the people, own the topic” (42:22)

He explained that if you do not genuinely like your business and you are simply doing it to monetize it, that is not a very good recipe for success. It is better to own a small market than it is to be just one in a huge market. Build upon the community in a smaller market rather than trying to stretch yourself too thin and lose the core elements of your community.

Episode Links

You can find Brandon C White at:

·         https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonwhite/

·         https://www.instagram.com/brandoncwhite/

·         https://twitter.com/BrandonCWhite

·         https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCabV9Rcw4MohWvTGr3OTzFw

·         BrandonCWhite.com

·         BSuccessSecrets.com

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