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Social Mediology

Coaching & Consulting...


A Social Mediology coach and consultant can help you develop a strong AI powered social media strategy, use each platform to it’s strengths, create valuable content and information for your target audience and community as well as embed social media into all aspects of your organisation. We can also support with more general AI powered business productivity across marketing, sales, human resources and more.


You'll receive training, coaching, feedback and access to the latest changes and developments in AI, marketing and social media. We teach you the tools and strategies that we use with our clients every day.


Our coaching programs are 2 half days per month for 3 months.

Below is an outline of the type of content that can be covered, however, every coaching package is tailored specifically to your business and your industry to support you from planning and strategy right through to

This is what your coaching program could look like...
1. Discovery Session

For your first session, we conduct a full audit on your current social media and take time to understand your business and objectives. We cover:

  • Introduction and psychology of social media for your business

  • Review of Key platforms

  • Facilitated session with key stakeholders to conduct social media audit

  • Development of 12 month social media strategy (which can be replicated internally moving forward)

2. Your Strategy

In the 2nd session we present back you strategy and get started with content. We cover:

  • Overview of approved strategy

  • Top performing content on social media and how to create it using the latest AI powered tools.

  • Content Calendar strategy, systems, and approval process development

  • How to create a social media marketing campaign

3. Your Tool Kits

In this session we give you all the tools you need to make your social media community and strategy successful. We cover:

  • Latest AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing and more.

  • Protecting your reputation on social media

  • How to manage a social media crisis

  • Social Media Policies

  • Tools to manage your social media presence

4. Facebook & Instagram

In session we cover the Facebook platform:

  • Facebook Business Pages

  • Facebook Content Strategy

  • How to use Facebook groups and events

  • Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio and Facebook Ads Manager

  • Instagram Feed

  • Reels and Stories

5. Other Platforms

In this session we will cover other platforms in your strategy. This could include:

  • ChatGPT for individuals and Teams

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Blogging

  • Video Strategy

6. Community Launch

In session we usually have a lot that has emerged from the previous sessions that is still needed. This session can include:

  • How to launch, grow and activate your customer community

  • How to measure return on investment

  • A working session to create a content marketing campaign

  • Anything specific to your unique strategy that is not covered above. 


"Many social media agencies run 'one size fits all' programs to help business learn about social media. What I liked about working with Kate from Social Mediology is that she took the time to learn about my business and provided me with a social media plan tailored to my business that included both an overall general strategy and specific, practical, time efficient social media strategies to carry out this plan. I can not recommend Kate highly enough and have found her broad expertise and dedication to offering a high quality service refreshing"

Dr Sarah Hughes - Clinical Psychologist, Author & Founder of Think Clinical Psychologists

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