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Social Mediology

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Success Stories...

Of the many groups and communities initiated, Lendlease needed to consolidate its message into one singular, united voice that was consistent, strategic and easy to implement.

Lendlease had multiple groups creating a confusing experience for users, with different managers and different answers and information being communicated across those various groups.


They needed a more collaborative approach to the community (fast) but just didn't have the time to build this expertise internally. They needed a strong sense of a united voice.


Other concerns included marketing teams being time poor, more generalist skill-base (especially when working across a multitude of projects, specialisation, and a strategic approach was required.


Kate and Social Mediology completely ingrained herself in our business and helped us be pro-active, hands-on. Her working with us was an extension of our marketing team and it resulted in an increased engagement by at least 10 fold.


With her strategic approach, team-integration, reporting capabilities, and the fact she gets along with everybody, she really engaged herself with our community groups as well and built direct relationships with groups.

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Lisa Daly - Lendlease

We have been fortunate to have Kate manage our social media across our Queensland residential portfolio for over 4 years’ and in that time, she has developed a place for our communities to belong which is genuine, dynamic and a true reflection of the amazing people, places and spaces we create. Kate’s expertise and social media smarts have allowed us to grow our online platforms to become the number one place our customers and communities interact and engage with daily, proving social media is essential for businesses to thrive and be customer relevant. She has become an important extension of our Marketing team and intuitively understands our business objectives and how to balance and leverage content to create the best engagement opportunities.

Kate’s passion, commitment and brilliance in harnessing ideas and bringing them to life across social to meet our objectives has led to our social media success. She is always thinking of our best interests and is creative, responsive and agile when dealing with all situations. I can’t recommend her more highly or thank her enough for all she does and the strong relationships and trust she has built across our Communities is invaluable.

Working across a range of platforms, Epilepsy Qld wanted to leverage the true power of Facebook to turn what felt like 1-way communications to posts that increased engagement and a more aware community.

Creating a community is integral to Epilepsy Qld. With a small communications team, resource stretched, and working across multiple platforms, their message felt disjointed, and felt their communications were mostly 1-way with very little engagement.


We wanted to encourage our community, share information tips, personal stories, and encourage others to participate in a safe space, knowing they weren't alone.


Our message wasn't reaching the right people as we wanted to include a range of people in the broader community to educate them about epilepsy.


After working with Kate, we've turned this into a 2-way conversation with more of a sense of community. Kate's helped us build our team skillset and we're able to execute on the strategy she built for us. You lose trust if you don't communicate in a timely fashion - that's not happening anymore.


We now have a lot of people thanking the group, writing about how relevant the content is, sharing their personal stories. We're doing what people are wanting us to do. Kate's an absolute expert and lives and breathes Social Media and is always up to date with all the changes, provides a range of updates and ensures you're having the impact you wanted to have.

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Karen F.

Social Mediology lives and breathes Social Media. Unlike our previous years, our community is actually thanking us now! We're finally doing what our ideal community wants us to do.

Mel, owner of Your Photographer wanted to promote different services within her business. She needed a framework and strategy so she could delegate to her team to execute (without trial and error)

Your Photographer had always used Facebook but relied heavily on their current followers - there was some audience fatigue and they wanted to continually expand and grow their community.


They had no real framework, process (or consistency) and weren't getting an ROI on their paid ads either. Mel wanted to be able to step back from the business and provide a strategy, plan and skills to her team to execute. As a smaller business, they had neither the time nor the outlay to continue Social Media on a 'trial and error' basis.


Mel saw Kate at a Speaking event through the Brisbane City Council and found her to be very approachable; they didn't want everything done for them, they needed training too so they could continue with growing their community through internal resources.


"Our engagement on Social Media has risen significantly. We have more of a plan moving forward and are also getting better results out of the paid ads and more bookings because of all the messaging and posting.. Our community now feeds itself, we have a steady stream of leads coming in (at a pace that we can handle) and our group members are now recommending and promoting outside of our group! We don't evenr eally need paid ads as our organic outreach brings in the leads we need"

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Melanie S.

Melanie S. Kate actually teaches when she's coaching us too. Our community is now feeding itself and promoting us outside of our group which is getting us leads quicker than paid ads!

Client Successes

Hear what these clients have to say.


Duncan Anderson - South West Institute of Technology  

As the Managing Director of a large training provider I was fortunate to have Kate lead professional development for my organisation. Her subject knowledge was outstanding and of most importance it was tailored and relevant to the audience. Her ability to manage the session with in excess of 250 people was excellent; Kate is clearly skilled at dealing with troublesome audience members! As a result of her session the organisation is well into the planning phase of implementing a social media strategy that supports our daily operations. I would highly recommend Kate to any large organisation to enhance understanding, integration and use of all social media platforms.

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