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Social Mediology

Done With You - Community Building...

We specialise in building powerful customer communities on social media to support your business or organisation.
Our three step process



Use AI to identify your customer avatar, and the exact language they use to describe their challenges, objections, interest, values and motivations.



Create a repeatable, AI powered content plan/strategy to engage your audience and deliver content that inspires them to take action.



Grow and activate your customer community to reach a wider audience and increase your return on investment.

Despite your best efforts, in some circumstance you just don’t have the resources to manage your online communities yourself. Our full social media management and community building service can take care of this for you. As specialists we can do this for a short time or ongoing.

Our social media management services include the following:

  • a dedicated account manager

  • full development and optimisation of all relevant social media platforms

  • development of a highly trained and personalised AI marketing assistant to help you convey your vision to us.

  • development of a social media strategy

  • building authentic communities of people who care about your product or service

  • creating engaging and compelling content that drives participation and enquiries for your business

  • responding to all questions and comments on social media

  • specific campaign development for product launches, events or appeals

  • monthly planning meeting to create communications calendar for month ahead

  • monthly reporting

We are committed to building communities, not just selling widgets, so we are selective in the clients we work with. 


"Kate’s expertise and social media smarts have allowed us to grow our online platforms to become the number one place our customers and communities interact and engage with daily, proving social media is essential for businesses to thrive and be customer relevant. She has become an important extension of our Marketing team and intuitively understands our business objectives and how to balance and leverage content to create the best engagement opportunities."

Lisa D. - General Manager Marketing - Communities at Lendlease

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